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Title : Frequency Response For Quantum Dot And Well Spin lasers In Dynamical States
Authors : nasrin hosseinimotlagh,simin avazzadeh

Quantum ,lasers : In this paper, we first examine the structure of quantum well and quantum dot lasers. Then, to reduce and eliminate the complexity of the quantum dot laser structure description, we solve the rate equations first in quantum well laser and then in the quantum dot laser for both conventional and spin states. By solving the rate equations, we calculate the dynamic response function of the laser, which can be used to examine the important properties of laser. Finally, according to dynamic response function of quantum well and quantum dot lasers, we examine the bandwidth frequency, peak point frequency and dynamic gain.

Keywords : Quantum ,lasers : In this paper , we first examine the structure of quantum well and quantum dot lasers. Then , to reduce and eliminate the complexity of the quantum dot laser structure description , we solve the rate equations first in quantum well laser and then in the quantum dot laser for both conventional and spin states. By solving the rate equations , we calculate the dynamic response function of the laser , which can be used to examine the important properties of laser. Finally , according to dynamic response function of quantum well and quantum dot lasers , we examine the bandwidth frequency , peak point frequency and dynamic gain.
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Title : Low cost robotic arm trainer for K-12, CIT and IT students
Authors : Luis Santos Mallari

The study aimed to design and build a low-cost robotic arm trainer and learning platform for Senior High School (K-12), Industrial Technology, and Information Technology students of Bulacan State University. The project will help private schools that are catering K-12 program. The survey method of research was used in the study. Comparative market research and survey was also conducted in designing and building the low-cost robotic trainer. The respondents were teachers and instructors of Electronics, Embedded Systems and Information Technology in different private high Schools, Colleges, and Universities. It is a finding that most academic institution has no robotic trainer for their electronics subjects and not ready for the vocational readiness with respect on robotics and automation. The trainer aid students in the various course subjects like Embedded Systems, Capstone, Industrial Electronics, Digital Logic Design, PLC Programming, Basic Automation, Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques, and can even be the platform of Voc-Tech and STEM strands of Senior High School of Department of Education. The factors that constitute the design are its low-cost price, platform adaptation to Outcome-Based Education, ability to learn hardware programming by the students in a not so intricate programming language, adaptation to the open systems of different hardware modules like sensors and actuators, and ability to prepare high school students for robotics engineering course.

Keywords : Microcontroller , Arduino , Actuators , Automation , Atmel , Bootloaders , Embedded Systems , Hardware Interfacing , Programmable Logic Controller , Open Systems Software and Open Systems Hardware
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Title : Hydraulic brake and clutch bleeder
Authors : Eduardo C. Santos,Nemencio Cabrera

The study aimed to construct a device that will be helpful for every automotive mechanic in terms of bleeding automobiles brakes and clutch system. The Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Bleeder was fabricated from locally available materials making it more cost effective. The device is operated by one person that simplifies the task of bleeding the system, and with less chance for the wear and tear of parts that may occur during the process. The device is users friendly with fewer operation procedures. The Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Bleeder was evaluated by the experts and automotive technician from the various automotive shop and also persons who have knowledge about automobile. It was evaluated based on three (3) criteria such as functionality, efficiency and effectiveness, and safety. The Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Bleeder was rated by 30 respondents from the academe and industry. It gained an overall rating 4.55 which means that the device is highly acceptable.

Keywords : Hydraulic , brakes , clutch , bleeder
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Title : Solar powered street light for Sapang Patay
Authors : Dexter S. Faustino

An imperative piece of equipment that is vital to a community is a Street Light. It will provide illumination and safety for the people of the community. However, most of the street lights are powered by the local electric company and are somehow not possible for remote locations. The Solar powered street light is an agreeable solution for the problem. The primary concern of the project is to design and construct a solar- powered street lamp that will be used in Sapang Patay, San Isidro II, Paombong, Bulacan, a remote location of mostly fishponds. The project aims to illuminate the streets of Sapang Patay through the installation of solar powered street light and provide its residents a sense of being safe throughout the night. An experiment and constant monitoring was conducted to check if the solar panel is charging. The result of the project has a positive response from the community of Sapang Patay. They now enjoy the street light and can now freely walk at night without any worries. The solar powered street lamp is a self- sustaining device. The device provides a reliable and enhanced alternative to a current street lighting system.

Keywords : Solar Powered , Solar Panel , Street Light , Illumination , Charging
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Title : Modified Heat and temperature Concept Evaluation of BS Architecture students of Bulacan State University
Authors : Freya Gay A. Jingco

Alternative concepts must be expressed by the students for us

Keywords : Alternative concepts , common conceptions , heat and temperature
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Manuscript Code : teachers would know then and look some ways to help address this problem. The study aimed to explore students’ conceptual understanding of heat and temperature. It attempts to answer the level of the common conception of the 2nd year BS Architecture students of Bulacan State University and their existing alternative conceptions on heat and temperature. Descriptive survey method was used in this research to probe the common conceptual understanding of students. Data gathered were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively based on students’ answers derived from the 20-item modified HTCE, which is a free response and multiple choice exam. The researcher concentrated in investigating the common conceptions of the students’ written responses to the test. The respondents were purposively chosen by the researcher during the 1st semester of the school year 2016-2017 which utilized five integral sections of BS Architecture students of Bulacan State University and are currently taking their Mechanics and Heat (Physics 212) course. Results revealed that students have their prevailing alternative conceptions and beliefs that are embedded in their minds as shown in their responses.

Title : Deflection in RCC Beam Covered with Sisal Cordage
Authors : Anand Daftardar,Jigisha Vashi,Shirish Vichare

The RCC structures show distressing signs within a span of only 6 to 10 years, whereas, the standard life of RCC frame structure is considered to be about 60 - 80 years. This can be recognized by number of reasons like non-maintenance, changed usage arrangement or initial inferior quality of construction. Such distressed beams often require strengthening. The most likely way to increase stability is to increase the strength of a structure. For strengthening the structural components, concrete jacketing and steel jacketing are the two general methods implemented. They are not only increase the cross sectional area and self-weight of the structure but also offer poor resistance to weather attacks. In the present paper, concept of covering of the beam with natural sisal fibres is assessed. Sisal fibres have strength, durability, ability to stretch, affinity for certain dyestuffs, and resistance to deterioration in saltwater. For present study, a RCC beam hinged at both the ends and subjected to point load at the center of beam is covered with sisal fibres and is analyzed using ANSYS software. The results are compared with analysis of beam without sisal fibres. This analysis results shows that, about 5 % decrease in deflection of beam by use of sisal fibres than normal.

Keywords : RCC Beam , Sisal Cordage , Numerical Analysis , Deflection
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Title : Transverse and longitudinal matrix cracking evolution in composite laminates a damage criterion
Authors : Jean-Luc REBIERE

After numerous numerical simulation on the distribution of the stress field in damage composite cross ply laminates we have elaborate an energy criterion. This energy criterion is based on the computation of some partial parts of the strain energy release rate associated with each damage types and for the three loading mode (mode I (opening mode), mode II (sliding mode) and mode III (tearing mode)). In the related criterion, linear fracture based approach, several hypothesis are used to simplify the damage criterion. The main objective with this approach is to estimate the initiation of transverse and longitudinal cracking mechanisms and the development of the damage.

Keywords : composite laminates , transverse cracking , longitudinal cracking , damage , failure criterion
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Title : An Open Source Protection Method Implementation to Guard Unauthenticated Access to Network Infrastructure of La Consolacion University Philippines
Authors : Joseph D. Espino,Alvin V. Nuqui

The major focus of the study is to implement an open source firewall technology system intended for La Consolacion University Philippines (LCUP). The major concern of the project is to prevent an unauthenticated access to the Network Infrastructure of LCUP. The system is capable to detect, monitor, control and filter incoming and outgoing packets. A PfSense, is an open source network firewall and free distribution, FreeBSD customizable, having a Web interface was used. Two (2) PC-based routers were installed for two (2) separated campuses connected via VLAN. The study was found “very acceptable” based on the following criteria: data integrity, data confidentiality, non-repudiation and reliability. This shows that the system is highly recommendable for implementation

Keywords : unauthenticated access , open source , FreeBSD , PfSense , packets , La Consolacion University Philippines
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Title : Factorial Design and Optimization of the weight of the cube (kg) in Concrete Mixture
Authors : Ifeanyi Ejikeme,Chukwuemeka Ezeliora

This research work focused on the design, and optimization of the concrete mixture using factorial analysis. Data were collected for the concrete mixture proportion to observe the ratio of the mixture content. Factorial design analyses were used to design the concrete mixture. It was also used to optimize the concrete mixture of the variables. The results were discussed and were also recommended for concrete mixture.

Keywords : Optimization , Factorial Design , Concrete Mix , Response Surface Modelling and Analysis of Variance
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Title : Analysis and Experimental Design of Slump Dry Concrete Mix in Warm and Hot Humid Zones, South Eastern Nigeria
Authors : John U. Ezeokonkwo,Chukwuemeka Daniel Ezeliora,F. O. Ezeokoli

In the research work, the use of factorial mathematical model was adopted for the slumps dry of concrete mix in a Hot and Warm humid zones as functions of quantity of cement, water-cement ratio and quantity of aggregates, the composition of the concrete mix was optimized by varying the independent factors (variables) for various seasons within the zones through Box Wilson’s composite mathematical method. The optimum value for factors X1 and X2 and X3 and X4 were obtained for the Hot and Warm humid zones as Y2 = 106.8221. The electronic (computer) manipulations of the data generated from the experiments, the following graphs (1 – 8) were generated for a better understanding of interactions between the factors and value generated as a result

Keywords : Concrete mix , matlab , Climatic Conditions , factorial design , Quality , Production
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